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Rejection, Rejection, Rejection


Rejection is a part of a creative artist’s life.  Actors don’t get parts they audition for.  Bands don’t get recording contracts.  Writers don’t find their stories published.  The rejection isn’t a personal criticism (usually); the taste-makers and decision-makers have something they’re looking for that the artist doesn’t quite fit.  There’s a mold that’s somehow not filled by that artist.


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I am a lucky man, no doubt about it.  Today, I had the pleasure of visiting Amy Armstrong…


I am a lucky man, no doubt about it.  Today, I had the pleasure of visiting Amy Armstrong Laitinen’s English classes at Gwinn High School in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  She believed in the power of Nathan’s story in STARVED enough to put a request up on Donor’s Choose to purchase a full-class set for her students to read, and I was more than happy to speak to her students about STARVED.

When I…

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Don’t share work-in-progress with non-writers. Indeed, don’t even discuss it. Think of work-in-progress as an egg around which the shell has not yet hardened. I told my wonderful husband, a newspaper editor, my idea for a scene I wanted to write. ‘It sounds like a cliché to me,’ he said. I winced—but as an editor on a daily deadline, his job is to derail weak ideas before they waste anyone’s time. As a fiction writer, mine is to trust my ideas, follow them around dark corners and see what turns up. Thankfully, I wrote my scene. The story won a prize that took me to Russia, ran in a top literary magazine, and was published in my first book.

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